Client and peer reviews
Family Law:

“They say you meet some of the best people, during some of the most difficult times. And that was the case with meeting Gary and Laura. I didn’t want to retain an attorney at first, but my ex decided to get one on her own. So I went with Gary’s firm and immediately felt like the world was lifted off my shoulders. Gary sat and listened to me patiently, offered great advice throughout, and made an otherwise stressful event, go very smooth. Laura was very instrumental in providing timely feedback, answering questions I had in a thorough manner, and virtually taking care of everything I would never know how to do.  Gary is very reasonable with his pricing, and for the amount of help, knowledge, and money he saved me in the settlement, it was worth every penny.  Although I hope I never have to retain an attorney again, if I do, I am definitely calling Gary Dubrovsky. Thank you so much for helping me during one of the most draining experiences of my life and helping me spring forward to my new life!!”

—J.H, San Lorenzo, CA

“Gary Dubrovsky is a get-it-done type of guy. Once you make the decision to hire Gary, you can be confident that your case is not only in the best hands possible, but that he will do his best to achieve the best outcome possible. Extremely knowledgeable and eager to share that knowledge upon request, there is no question too small.

Gary handled my divorce a few months ago. The process, along with the paperwork, was completely overwhelming to me as there were special circumstances involved. I had no idea where to begin. However, once Gary took me on as a client, I was amazed at how quickly and efficiently he was able to move the process forward. Professional, personable and honest, I can’t think of a more qualified individual that I would want to work with.”

—L.M., Los Angeles, CA

“Gary Dubrovsky and his counsel are top-notch.  I came into their office with my brains completely scrambled from a breakup gone bad and they could not have been more helpful. They quickly helped me get a temporary restraining order, then a stay away order, and worked through some property issues. Throughout it all, they were very easy to talk to, efficient, and professional. At the end of their service, the bill had nothing extraneous and was completely fair with the hours they worked. They were considerate of my wallet and I feel that no time was wasted.

Retaining a lawyer is not something anybody wants to do, but you won’t go wrong with Dubrovsky Law.  They helped me through a difficult time and I can’t imagine a job better done and in a more personable manner.  If the need arose, I wouldn’t hesitate to retain them again.”

—M.C., San Francisco, CA

“You never think divorce is going to happen to you, but at the beginning of the year I found myself facing exactly that. I was, of course, clueless to what needed to be done and overwhelmed by the paperwork so I hired Dubrovsky Law to take on the case for me. Gary and his team were very attentive and answered all of my annoying questions and made sure every detail was attended to. Gary is calming and understanding, but also incredibly knowledgeable about family law. I felt at ease through the entire process. I would definitely hire Gary again for all my future divorces (ha!) and would recommend him to any friends and family looking for representation with family law issues.”

—K.B., Los Angeles, CA

“Gary and I worked together on a complicated child custody case over a very long period of time.  He handled the challenge to communicate with his client in the most efficient and diplomatic way possible.  As the main contact point between the supervising attorney, myself and the client, I was amazed to see how thorough he could be.  Always on top of every detail of the case, Gary’s guidance and insight was imperative in helping me express very complicated terms accurately to our client.  Gary is a pleasure to work with.”

—R.E., San Francisco, CA

“Mr. Dubrovsky is a dedicated family law attorney, and is dedicated to his community.  Mr. Dubrovsky provides excellent representation to his clients.  He is always professional and courteous.  I admire that he finds the time to speak at local events and law schools, even though he has such a busy schedule. Divorce is a serious issue, and Mr. Dubrovsky takes his work seriously.”

—C.S., San Rafael, CA

“Gary is an exceptional family attorney. His approachable style coupled with his deep knowledge of the field make for great results.  Highly recommended!”

—E.N., San Francisco, CA

“I have consulted with Gary about complex family law matters and have found his approach to be both creative and practical.  He has unparalleled tenacity and advocates zealously for his clients.  He is an exceptional problem solver and the epitome of professionalism.”

—G.S., Redwood City, CA

“Mr. Dubrovsky has an outstanding knowledge of the California Family Code, a respectful and persuasive courtroom demeanor, and a keen financial sense.  He marshals his talents and skills to zealously represent his clients.  I give him my highest endorsement possible.”

—D.J., Alameda, CA

“Gary Dubrovsky is a very thorough, conscientious and caring lawyer.  I have referred several clients to him.  The clients and I have both been very pleased.”

—D.B., San Francisco, CA

“Mr. Dubrovsky is a tenacious advocate who knows the law and has an effective approach to tailoring case strategy for his clients.  If you have a difficult family law case, Mr. Dubrovsky would be the person to call.”

—S.M., Walnut Creek, CA


“We approached the possibility of Permanent Resident Status for the Canadian half of our lesbian marriage with a great deal of trepidation.  Jennifer immediately approached our situation with understanding, clarity and careful attention to detail.  She also prepared us fully for our interview with Homeland Security.  As a result, we were totally successful in our endeavor and couldn’t be happier.  In fact, we treated Jennifer to a glass of wine after the interview as a show of our immense gratitude for her dedication to our case.  We cannot recommend Jennifer enough.”

—G.D. and D.D, Sacramento, CA

“Jennifer assisted me with my K-1 Fiancee Visa. She is an extremely capable, resourceful and dependable attorney without whose knowledgeable guidance, I would not be able to complete such a daunting task.  A genuinely detail oriented and efficient attorney, she made the entire process “do-able”.  I am confident that Jennifer had my best interest in mind at all times and constantly made herself readily available for all of my many questions.  This was an extremely lengthy process and I deeply appreciate all of Jennifer’s hard work, patience and support.  She truly goes the extra mile for her clients and I would very confidently recommend her to anyone in need of immigration assistance.”

—R.M., Los Angeles, CA

“Jennifer is an attorney of the utmost dedication, patience, and passion.  Her love for immigration law is apparent in every aspect of her work.  Jennifer combines a warm, approachable nature with a dogged work ethic. I believe it is this rare combination that makes for the best kind of attorney: one who can produce work of the highest quality while maintaining a successful professional relationship with those around her. I highly recommend her services to those seeking counsel.”

—A.C., Redwood City, CA

“Jennifer is a fantastic immigration lawyer.  She is an H-1B expert and extremely knowledgeable in all areas of employment-based immigration. Moreover, she is easy-going, compassionate and a pleasure to work with.  Hire her for your matter; you won’t regret it.  I absolutely endorse Jennifer Smythe.”

—O.L., San Francisco, CA

“I have had the opportunity to consult with Ms. Smythe on a few cases involving immigration issues.  She has always impressed me with her command of the law in what is a highly complex area of practice. Ms. Smythe is an excellent attorney and an asset to her clients.”

—K.K., Pleasanton, CA

“Ms. Smythe is a knowledgeable, caring, and tenacious attorney who works hard for her clients.  Her approach is efficient and effective.  If you are looking for an immigration attorney, she is the best person to hire.”

—S.M., Emeryville, CA

“I got in touch with Jennifer when a family law client of mine needed some immigration/visa information. She responded to me instantly and had the information I needed. She made herself available to me on more than one occasion for quick questions that helped me and my clients out a lot. If I have anyone I know who needs immigration advice, I will send them to Jennifer, as she is very responsive and expert in her knowledge.”

—C.M., Dublin, CA

“Jennifer is excellent!  She is both strategic and detail-oriented to ensure a thorough and quality job well done.  I would definitely recommend Jennifer for any legal related matters.”

—M.B., San Francisco, CA

“I have worked with Jennifer for over a year now on a project we are pursuing involving lawyer to lawyer professional communications. She is smart, resourceful, and very knowledgeable about immigration matters. I recommend her unequivocally.”

—M.H., South San Francisco, CA

“I have known Jennifer since our first year of law school where her exacting attention to detail and command of the law impressed me greatly.  She continues to bring that same careful attention and deep understanding of the law to her practice.  When I need an immigration question answered, she is the first person I call.  Clients are lucky to have her as an attorney.”

—K.M., San Francisco, CA

“I have known Jennifer for several years, both as a student and as a lawyer.  Jen is endlessly knowledgeable and professional.  She approaches each case with care and compassion.  I endorse her wholeheartedly and often seek her advice and opinion on matters not of my own expertise.”

—C.C., San Francisco, CA

“I’ve known Jen since law school, where I was impressed with her article on age determination of unaccompanied minors.  Since then, she’s proven to be a hardworking, dedicated advocate for her clients.  I wholeheartedly endorse her.”

—C.H., San Francisco, CA